Latest designs now available at Dulcetfig, Singapore

2011 Cherie Wong “Kai” clutches are now available at Dulcetfig, Singapore. Cream leather clutches paired with luxe fabric, accented by jade bangles. Clutch them in your hands, or show them off from your shoulders, these babies now also come with a detachable gold chain shoulder strap!




Santa’s here!

Christmas came early! 3 huge boxes of clutches arrived early last week and I’ve spent most part of the week unwrapping, counting, re-counting, photographing, visiting the post office to mail off the first batch of clutches to the shop. Here’s a view of the mess that descended and a sneak peek of the goodies.

Huge chrismas pressies!

Yipee! CW "Kai" clutches. Leather with fabric combinations, accented with jade bangles, and complete with gold chain shoulder straps. Please excuse the mess.

Available now at Dulcetfig in Singapore, I’m busy sorting out my website for people overseas as well. Mailers will be out soon I promise.


So what does one do whilst one is down with the flu, and inbetween the wooziness of medication? Think about one’s e-life and realises…it’s about time for an update.

Realise that I’m crap with anything tech and I guess it shows…last post: Dec 2010?!? How obscene it must be in terms of the blogging world.  Makes it seem like I haven’t been doing anything! But pictures speak a thousand words….so here it is:

New and Improved!...I need to name her now...

It’s been a long and winding road to get to this stage….but I’m glad we’re nearly there. Final negotiations with the BagGuy and soon…soon…they’ll be in a shop somewhere near you.

Done for today, back to bed again…

Handmade Love

And so, after 2 weeks of non stop cutting and sewing and hammering till 11pm last night (sorry neighbours,  i mean boyfriend!) the study is a mess of threads/fabric/ interfacing….but I’ve finally gotten it all together and 51 of these babies are now ready to go to new homes! My target was to make 100 initially, but after cutting 100 patterns out, I realised that that was impossible to do in 2 weeks, and hold a day job as well. So I reduced it down to 50 + 1 for good measure 🙂 They will make their debut at THE FAIR this Thursday and Friday at Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore.

Made from my stash of good quality and sturdy upholstery fabric, they are the perfect Christmas stocking stuffers, and hold enough coins for the laundromat or paying for small items on the go. There’s no reason to leave your change lying around at home now!

I’m flying off back home tonight for a dear friend’s wedding and THE FAIR! Hope to see some of you there. Happy Christmas shopping everyone!

Take me to The Fair

Joining in the Christmas festivities, I will be setting up at THE FAIR at Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore from 2-3 December. There will be one-of-a-kind clutches and accessories for sale (more of that in the next post!) and the finest collection of selected designer works carefully curated from around the world.

So, drop bye, say Hi, and pick up a unique gift for that special someone this holiday season…

The Fair @ Goodwood Park Hotel (Windsor Ballroom, Level 2),  Scotts Road, Singapore

2nd December / 10am – 7pm

3rd December / 10am – 4.30pm

Current state of mind…

I admit I’ve neglected this space for a week or so now. Last weekend was a blur of manufacturer and supplier meetings, nutting out details of the new design, crossing all my fingers and toes that what’s in my head will be able to be replicated in reality. Topped up by a quick dash into the shop, the week was hectic to say the least! It might seem quiet in blog world, but this is how real life is looking at the moment…

Yes I've been doing a bit of sewing and cutting lately (sorry for the horrible pic quality)


Utter chaos. But I'm lovin' it.


100 lining pieces and counting...

What’s all this mess for? Details in the next post…stay tuned!

cherie wong at INDIGO!

When I first moved to Hong Kong, I had my sights set on living along one special street and that was Staunton Street in Soho, Central. I just love the vibe in that area, from the buzz of people milling about, to the great restaurants and bars, and not to mention lots of lovely independent boutiques stocked with treasures and one-of-a-kind finds. Soho just has that intangible pulse that reiterates what a great city Hong Kong is to live in.

I eventually got my little own pad along the street and it was great being able to come home to the thick of things. Dinners with friends were literally just a hop, skip and jump away.

3.5 years later, another dream of mine has just come true. cherie wong is now at INDIGO, Hong Kong’s first designer denim bar! Apart from stocking a fantastic range of premium denim jeans and tops, INDIGO also has gorgeous accessories from up-and-coming designers, of which I am proud to be a part.

So if you feel like a spot of retail therapy, or any of you thinking of heading this way for some Hong Kong shopping, do remember to drop by INDIGO!

INDIGO / 32A Staunton Street / Soho, Central / Hong Kong